DHS Classmates

An Orrill History, Parts I & II

May 29, 2017

               Here’s the audio.  There’s two.  The first is similar in format to the other conversations I’ve had.  The second is almost exclusively Eric talking in-depth about his combat and military experiences. …

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A Rose For Mother’s Day

May 6, 2017

To access Kathy’s GoFundMe page, copy and paste this link: https://www.gofundme.com/joy-and-pain To hear the audio, click below.  Don’t miss this one. http://www.tapeacall.com/tryqnrvc8y I’m also attaching the transcript from the call.  First time I’ve done this. Barbie…

DHS Classmates

Still Marching to His Own Beat

April 26, 2017

These two are just incapable of bad pictures Somehow, Bryan can even make a selfie stick cool A smiling pirate Jazzy Jeff  hasn’t gotten off the leg press since HS The dream is still alive, albeit…

DHS Classmates

The Sound & Fury of Bernie Smiley

April 4, 2017

This is the only 80’s prom pic I can remember where I find myself talking about the guy’s hair Crossfit Bernie Lord Bernie Bernie loves him some Applesauce! Hangin’ with his high school fellas Post DHS The…

DHS Classmates

Mike Murrie is still Livin’ on a Prayer

March 22, 2017

Senior Night for Varsity Football, with Linda and Ernie “I’ve got a project for you” Murrie I’m pretty sure this is the only time Mike Murrie has ever gotten hammered…     Adult Mike   The…

DHS Classmates

Michael Slater’s Life is a Rush!

March 20, 2017

Two Michaels…Michael Bennett, all world defensive end now of the Seahawks, and his former high school coach. Another of Michael’s star pupils.  Cheta Ozougwu played for Michael first at Alief Taylor and later at Rice; he was drafted…

DHS Classmates

Long Live The Queen!!!

March 10, 2017

Love this picture! This crew could even make line dancing look cool… These pictures always make me smile… This was just a funny picture on FB.  Definitely not a match for the Katy Perry song,.. Michelle…

DHS Classmates

Ralph Youngblood is still kickin’ it!

February 28, 2017

Marriage shortly after college…   Rockin’ the long-sleeved collared shirt and shorts! Still crazy after all these years… Still hanging’ with Tyler and Nick A progression in hair styles Had a problem with the audio.  I…