Why wait for the reunion?

gatorsonlylater.com (GOL) is exactly what it sounds like – reuniting with former Dickinson High School classmates in middle age to catch up on our lives and to talk current events.  While we may delve into the past on occasion, GOL isn’t intended as a nostalgia site.  It’s mostly about who we are today and the roads we’ve traveled as men and women.  What are the experiences that have changed us?  How have we grown?

I’m looking to reconnect and gain the perspective of those with whom I shared a beginning.  Listen to Chris Myers tell his story.  Witness Kathy Rose’s courage in the face of Stage IV cancer.  Make amends with a former friend.

You want inspiration?  I’m finding it again with the people who grew up along 517 on both sides of I-45 and Hwy. 146, up and down Hwy. 3 and Deats Road.  Join me…I think you’ll be inspired, too!